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How Does Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer Work? Brief Guide

Writer: admin Time:2022-11-11 00:00:00 Browse:460℃

Did you know that water vapor is always current in the atmosphere? Compressing airoutcomes in a higher concentration of water. It is necessary to treat the compressed air to prevent any problem with the compressor setup. When it comes to normal industrial plant air applications, the Refrigerated compressed air dryeris generally selected due to its capability. It's more suitable for usage. In this piece, we'll discuss the procedure of air dryingusing a refrigerated air dryer.

HowRefrigerated Compressed Air DryerWorks?

Refrigerated compressed air dryersare machines that purify compressed air. Plus, it eliminates liquids, water, water vapor, hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbon vapor from the air.

The compressed air systems also remove moisture and water from the air, which is a problem. The external hot compressed air is cooled by refrigeration. The air dryeras it goes through a heat converter.

The cold and dry air that exits the dryeris used to pre-cool the hot. The air is coming to eliminate part of the moisture from the Refrigerated compressed air dryer. This procedure results in the condensation of the moisture into liquid water, which may then be exhausted away.

After that, the liquid refrigerant is measured into a frigid low-pressure zone where it generally reaches the heat exchanger. Lastly, low-compression hot gas refrigerant is sucked into the refrigeration compressor, where it absorbs heat from the hot compressed air, and the cycle repeats.

What to Know While BuyingRefrigerated Compressed Air Dryer?

Some of the key points to keep in mind when purchasing a refrigerated compressed air dryer.

·The air pressure:

The air pressure of the dryer must be the same or higher than that of your compressor.

·Maximum flow:

The maximum airflow that can flow through your dryer(in liters/sec or cfm) is essential to be higher than what your compressor can provide. If you choose a small air dryer, it will result in a big pressure drop over your dryer(because the air has a problem passing through it).

Because of this, you need to set your compressor speed higher to overcome the pressure drop. This again will result in a higher electricity bill. Secondly, your dryer must not be able to reach the wanted dew point.

·Inlet temperature:

Air dryershave a maximum stated inlet temperature. If this temperature is increased, you can either lose parts of the dryer, or the dryerjust doesn't have sufficient capacity to reach the desired dew point. Some compressors have an after-cooler fixed, in which case the compressed air will be about 40 degrees Celsius.


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